script: get_netcdf.php

Get a complete netCDF file as stored in Matroos.
For forecast models one netCDF file exists for each forecast.
For astronomic data or observations there is one netCDF file per day.


The part after '?' is meant to define parameters for the script.
Each parameter should be given as <param>=<value>, the parameters are separated by the '&' sign.


wget --proxy=off -O output.nc \

Cut and paste one of the above URL in the address bar of the browser, or click on the link, to get an example of the output.

- database: The database to use: maps1d (default) or maps2d.

- source  : The database source (or an alias thereof) as known by Matroos.

- analysis: Optional. Required analysis time in format YYYYMMDDhhmm.
            The last analysis at or before this time is returned.
            If omitted, the last available analysis is returned.

- hindcast: Optional. Flag indicating that the requested netCDF file must contain forecast data (hindcast = 0)
            or may contain hindcast data only (hindcast = 1). Default: 0.

- timezone: MET, GMT or GMT[+/-][hours] default GMT.

- zip     : Optional. If given and not '0', the netCDF will be zipped before the download starts.