MATROOS stands for Multifunctional Access Tool foR Operational Oceandata Services. MATROOS gives you easily access using your internet browser to all recent and historical model and monitoring data relevant to the storm surge forecasts. MATROOS offers also the facility of an international near-real time multi-model forecast analysis: water level forecasting data and weather forecasting data from the NOOS partners around the North Sea can be intercompared.

MATROOS is optimized for fast retrieval of the most popular and recent data just like the common internet search engines. Visualization of data is as time histories or as spatial maps. Statistical parameters relevant to the storm surge warning service or any interested oceanographer can be analysed with MATROOS as well. MATROOS gives the authorities access to recent model data for trajectory analysis of spills and for safe guidance of ship traffic. The learning effect of MATROOS will be substantial, thus leading to a further reduction of risks of flooding and environmental calamities.

Parts of MATROOS

Standard interface for timeseries data (view and download)
Standard interface for 1D model output data
Standard interface for gridded model output data
URL's for direct data retrieving from Matroos